Our Projects & Programs

Our Projects & Programs

Since its inception in late 2008, the Garden of Hope CDC has launched several successful initiatives and programs.

Families Health Project

Each year the Garden of Hope hosts a conference with specific emphasis on heath education and awareness for African-American Families in the Hampton Roads Community. A full day of presenters, workshops, vendors and activities offered to the surrounding community.

Youth Leadership Camp and Mentoring Program (LOT)

The Leaders of Tomorrow Summer Camp and Mentoring is a free program designed for children in the city of Norfolk. Its focus is youth leadership development & empowerment through mentoring and learning. The Program focuses on middle school youth ages 9-14 throughout a three-year period. Activities include cultural outings and academic engagement, life application field trips, community service, educational instruction and leadership development. LOT provides constructive learning in a safe environment and introduces the students to the concepts and workings of five social institutions: family, government, education, economics and faith.

Financial Education Empowerment Training “F.E.E.T”

This Program is an eight-week initiative designed to improve the overall financial literacy and status of families that have experienced high debt to income ratios, poor credit and poor choice in spending priorities. The training provides participants with information regarding job interviewing techniques and insight on how to successfully maintain employment once a job is obtained.

Norfolk Parents As Leaders (PALs) Initiative

PALS is a leadership training institute which trains, inspires and empowers parents to become effective advocates for their children. This training initiative is designed to help parents develop essential leadership skills for engaging and collaborating with others to acquire positive outcomes for their children’s academic, social and economic futures.

Trinity Treasures Resale

A Social Business Enterprise, founded and operated by the Garden of Hope as a retail establishment specializing in the resale of used or slightly used clothes, and small household items. As a component of the Garden of Hope, the operation is staffed by volunteers, Workforce Trainees from other partner agencies and interns. Proceeds are used to support operations and providing funding to be used in other areas that support program participants of the Garden of Hope.

Second Chances

This program is designed to provide comprehensive supportive services that lead to fulltime, gainful employment and social stability for men and women being released from incarceration. A diverse range of services are offered that include the following:

Case Management
Life Skills Training
Job Readiness and Job Placement
Permanent Supportive Housing Programs (Stanhope and Harbor House)
Relapse Prevention
Kids of Incarcerated Parents (KIPCARE)