To build healthy neighborhoods by providing services and programs for the disadvantaged and underserved youth, individuals, families, and communities in Hampton Roads.


To work in partnership with others to improve the quality of human life and to promote community betterment.








The Garden of Hope Community Development Corporation (GOHCDC) was officially organized in late 2008. The CDC is the realization of the vision of Dr. Kirk T. Houston, Sr., Pastor, and Founder of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia. The Garden of Hope was created as a means to provide services, programs, and resources to families and individuals experiencing social, economic, and moral deficits. It is designed to be both an extension of ministry and an individualized effort to provide a level of social services to families and individuals beyond what the church traditionally offers in the standard faith setting.


Second Chances Program

The Second Chances program is designed to provide comprehensive, supportive services that lead to stability for men and women released from incarceration. A diverse range of services is offered that include the following: Case management; Life Skills Training and Workshops; Job Skills Training and Placement; Housing; Transportation, Substance Abuse Treatment, Family Engagement Services, and more.

Trinity Treasures Re-Sale

Trinity Treasures Resale Store is located at 2716 Granby St. in Norfolk. The resale store is designed to financially support the programs and services offered through the Garden of Hope such as transportation, costs for G.E.D testing, youth programs, food, clothing and emergency shelter. The outcome of the Trinity Treasure Resale Store is a trinity-win. Donors win because their donation goes towards a worthy cause; buyers win because they are offered quality items at a lo, discounted prices; and the organization wins because profits help provide quality and services to disadvantaged and under-served individuals, and families and communities throughout the Hampton Roads.

Harbor House (Non-violent male ex-offenders)

This program provides housing opportunities for men who are homeless or in eminent danger of being homeless. Participants are a part of the Second Chances Program.

Stanhope House (Non-violent female ex-offenders)

This service of the Second Chances Program provides housing opportunities for women who are homeless or in danger of being homeless.

Kids of Incarcerated Parents (K.I.P Care)

Established to restore family relationships, eliminate generational patterns of poor choices that lead to incarceration.

Parents As Leaders (PALs Initiative)

The PALs Initiative provides leadership training that inspires and empowers parents to become effective advocates for their children. The training initiative is designed to help parents develop essential leadership skills for engaging and collaborating with others in order to acquire positive outcomes for their children’s academic, social and economic futures.

Relapse Prevention Program

Assists participants to address and manage addiction issues, threats of our actual relapse, recognition of relapse triggers.

Second 2 None (S2N)

This social business enterprises was developed by, and operated through our Second Chances Team as a training mechanism, and is also a source of revenue for program maintenance. S2N, which currently employs 14 people, is a general services company that provides landscaping, grounds maintenance, residential and commercial moving, and janitorial services.

Leaders Of Tomorrow (L.O.T)

The L.O.T Youth Camp & Mentoring Program is a free program designed to lead and mentor middle school youth over a three year period. The program provides a constructive learning environment and positively impacts the lives of the youth through the use of cultural and academic exposure and short and long field trips, community service, religious and educational instruction, mentoring, and short and long term goal settings. Additionally, the program provides an intensive study of the five social institutions of America (Economics, Educations, Family,, Government, and Religion). Throughout the duration of the program youth learn t value the institutions as well as gain an understanding of how these institutions affect their lives.

Financial Education Empowerment Training (FEET)

F.E.E.T. is a four week financial empowerment program designed to provide financial training to individuals/families, including those who are burdened with debt, financially illiterate or unemployed. The skills provided via the training will ultimately improve the overall financial health, education and welfare of the participants. In addition, the training provides participants with information regarding job interviewing techniques and employee insight on how to successfully maintain employment once a job is landed.

Life Skills

Life Skills programs provide participants with basic preparation for life beyond incarceration. Life-skills training helps alleviate the stigma associated with the label of “ex-offender” status and improves the confidence and life-preparedness of participants.

Life Skills graduates two classes of participants each month with successful orientation in the Program’s following components: Life Skill Assessment, Defining Re-Entry Back Into the Community, Developing A Healthy Concept, Decision Making, Job Readiness, Employment Search, Keeping Employment, Healthy Relationships and Life Styles, Goal Setting and Independent Living (Reality Workshop).