Garden of Hope works in partnership with others to help improve the quality of life for the region’s citizens. Its mission is to build healthy neighborhoods by providing services and programs for the disadvantaged individuals, families and communities, and under-served, youth in Hampton Roads. The vision and mission are accomplished by continuously considering the values of the organization—the values are accessibility, collaboration, cultural competence, inclusion, and results.

Second Chances Program

The Second Chances program is designed to provide comprehensive, supportive services that lead to stability for men and women released from incarceration. A diverse range of services are offered that include the following: Case Management; Life Skills Training and Workshops; Job Skills Training and Placement; Housing,Transportation, Substance Abuse Treatment, Family Engagement Services.

Leader Of Tomorrow (LOT)

The L.O.T. Youth Camp & Mentoring Program is a free program designed to lead and mentor middle school youth over a three year period. The program provides a constructive learning environment and positively impacts the lives of the youth through the use of cultural and academic exposure, life application field trips, community service, religious and educational instruction, mentoring, and short and long term goal setting. Additionally, the program provides an intensive study of the five social institutions of America (Economics, Education, Family, Government, and Religion). Throughout the duration of the program youth learn to value the institutions as well as gain an understanding of how these institutions affect their lives.

Parents As Leaders (PALs Initiative)

The PALs Initiative provides leadership training that inspires and empowers parents to become effective advocates for their children. The training initiative is designed to help parents develop essential leadership skills for engaging and collaborating with others in order to acquire positive outcomes for their children’s academic, social and economic futures.

GED/ABE & Adult Literacy)

The Garden of Hope provides basic literacy tutoring and G.E.D. preparation classes to the community for free. Morning and evening classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm and 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Scholarship opportunities are available for the G.E.D. test.

I-THRIVE Youth Mentoring Program

Dr. Houston founded the I-THRIVE Youth Mentoring Program as a way to give back to his local community and provide a structured program that will directly impact those most affected by the epidemic of absentee fathers and neighborhood violence.

Where There Is Unity
There Is Always Victory

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Garden of Hope works in partnership with others to help improve the quality of life for the region's citizens.
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